What is the cost of services?

Pricing varies based on the service that you are seeking and the size of your agency. To receive a quote for services, call or use the 'contact us' page to discuss your agency's current needs.

When can my agency receive services?

This depends on time of year, size of your agency, and services that you are seeking. To ensure that you can receive services when you need them, get in touch as early as possible.

How different are wellness promotion and detoxifying YOUR center services?

The cost of the detoxifying the center assessment is typically larger, as more days will be spent onsite for this form of assessment. Identification of factors and actors contributing to a toxic environment requires more employee contact and follow-up assessment when compared to the development of a wellness promotion program.

Does my agency need wellness promotion or detoxifying the center?

If you have evidence of bullying, relational aggression, or leadership concerns in your agency, you likely would benefit from the detoxifying the center assessment. Without this first step, it is difficult, or impossible, to enhance wellness in your agency as a primary concern. You may also elect to combine the services at a bundled rate.  Consultation with Dr. Lilly may help you determine which service is the best first step for your agency.