About Lilly Consulting



Dr. Michelle Lilly has studied the physical and mental health of public safety professionals over the past decade. She is among the first to publish data on the mental and physical health of  9-1-1 professionals, and has worked on research projects with retired law enforcement. She is trained in evidence-based interventions for stress and mental health conditions, and has experience in delivering training and intervention at the individual and group level.  She has received state funding to support the development and distribution of her Saving Blue Lives training on PTSD, suicide, peer support, and resilience.



Services provided by Lilly Consulting begin with a comprehensive assessment of the issues confronted by your agency, including the current health of your organization and identification of your goals and needs.  On-site evaluation engages your employees and leaders to identify critical issues or gaps that may be addressed with training, prevention, or intervention.  A comprehensive report with recommendations is provided, as is the opportunity for continued consultation during implementation.

Why Lilly Consulting


Dr. Lilly brings a unique skillset to your agency.  As a licensed clinical psychologist who has been a leader in publishing research with public safety personnel, Dr. Lilly has established working relationships with agencies, industrial groups, and organizations across the country. She has been an invited speaker at conferences at the state and national level. She is committed to bringing evidence-based assessment and intervention to your agency, with a commitment to the use of empirically-sound methods.